Toxicologist backs up Trump’s claims about ‘promising’ coronavirus treatments

Last week, it was announced that researchers found several promising coronavirus treatments that may prove effective in combating the disease. Soon after, President Donald Trump touted the treatments as possible “game-changers” and said the discoveries “could be a tremendous breakthrough.”

The media immediately attacked Trump for his message of hope, calling him a “snake-oil salesman” and accusing him of dispensing medical advice without a license. However, Fox News is now reporting that Dr. Chris Martenson, a toxicologist, has confirmed what Trump has been saying all along.

Trials rolling

The treatment in question is a combination of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug, and azithromycin, a powerful antibiotic.

A small study conducted in France by Dr. Phillipe Gautret, a tropical medicine physician, and Dr. Jean-Christophe Lagier, an infectious disease expert, concluded that “hydroxychloroquine treatment is significantly associated with viral load reduction/disappearance in COVID-19 patients and its effect is reinforced by azithromycin.”

As news organizations began to pick the story up, Donald Trump began to express optimism that the treatment could be brought to the market sooner rather than later, Breitbart noted. The media immediately ripped him apart, but in a Fox News appearance, Dr. Martenson broke down the different drugs and agreed with Trump there is hope that the treatments will prove to be effective.

“This is the most promising thing I have seen so far,” Martensen confirmed, though he added several caveats.

“We are going to want to test this against all sorts of different patient populations, different co-morbidities. We are going to want to track the safety of profiles very, very carefully. So, in essence, we are going to be running basically live clinical trials on this at this point in time. And there, we are looking for both efficacy and safety, and we need to be really tracking very carefully what the outcomes are,” he cautioned.

The toxicologist went on: “And let’s be clear about this: This is not a cure. We don’t know if it works on a preventative basis yet. But what this does is it seems to give a better outcome once in the clinic.”

Despite the media’s histrionics, Forbes reports that trials for the drugs are going to begin on Tuesday in New York. The federal government has supplied more than 100,000 pills to the state to use in its clinical trials.

Media overreaction

The media wants Trump to fail so desperately that they’re actually rooting for this treatment to fail, despite ample evidence to the contrary. Indeed, Trump was reamed by the media for suggesting that the treatment may work, but when Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Sunday that the state would begin testing the drug combination almost immediately, the media was almost completely silent.

The overreaction and constant spin are clearly taking its toll on the entire coronavirus task force team. You can see the frustration on their faces as well as hear it in the voices during daily pressers when the media asks them a “gotcha” question about Trump’s statements.

If any of these treatments are found to be effective, though, it will be Trump who gets the last laugh.

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