Top White House adviser torched after comparing Black GOP senator to Vladimir Putin

As the Biden administration continues to falsely blame Vladimir Putin for America’s crippling inflation and energy crises, the president’s top advisers are now pushing dangerously false rhetoric against anyone who questions the White House’s narrative.

The latest example, Fox News noted, came from Jesse Lee, the senior advisor for communications to the National Economic Council, who faced immediate backlash after likening Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) to Putin for criticizing the administration’s approach to inflation. 

Sen. Scott simply blamed Biden for inflation, which is absolutely true, and even provided simple graphs to remind Americans when prices began to rise, which was long before Russia invaded Ukraine.

The messaging, though, triggered Lee into a state of hysteria, as he quickly shot back at Scott in an asinine tweet comparing the senator to Putin for criticizing the president.

The tweet

Lee’s tweet attack on Sen. Scott drew sharp criticism not only from other Republicans, but also from journalists, who said Lee went too far.

Lee’s tweet suggested that Sen. Scott is somehow the same person as the murdering, dangerous Vladimir Putin of Russia, simply for calling out his boss on an important subject.

“This is embarrassing and shameful messaging coming from the White House. It’s time for President Biden and his advisors to start taking responsibility for their failed policies and out-of-control spending over the last 15 months,” Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) said of Lee’s stupid tweet.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) added: “The Biden Administration says concern about inflation is being ‘fully in lockstep’ with Putin. No wonder inflation keeps getting worse.”

Biden’s inflation

Even after the latest numbers place inflation at 8.5% — a 40-year high — the Biden administration continues to desperately attempt to push the “Putin Price Hike” narrative, insisting that somehow, a year-long rise in inflation and energy cost is somehow entirely the fault of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which is only some 50 days old.

Many believe that it’s a last-ditch attempt before the November 2022 midterms to lessen the bleeding of voter support from the Democratic base.

Either way, it’s a lie, plain and simple. Logical Americans understand that the war in Ukraine has certainly contributed to the inflation and energy crises, but where they get upset is when the administration — which ran on being completely transparent — continues to lie and not take an ounce of responsibility.

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