Top Ukrainian government official torches Biden administration for lack of action against Russia

President Joe Biden has taken increasing criticism for his weak and ineffective response to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, with many believing that had he acted preemptively with harsher sanctions, the world might not be watching the bloody battle in Ukraine unfold in realtime.

According to The Daily Wire, even some top Ukrainian officials are upset with Biden’s lack of proper response, with one unnamed Ukrainian government official telling the outlet that Biden — and the Democrats’ — weakness on the foreign policy front is one of the primary drivers that emboldened Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion. 

“If Democrats weren’t such pu***es in foreign policy, this might not have happened,” the anonymous official reportedly told The Daily Wire.

The official went on to slam prior administrations for not doing more to help Ukraine prepare for such a time, but offered praise for former President Donald Trump for sending much-needed defensive equipment during his time in the White House.

“Too little, too late”

The anonymous Ukrainian official held nothing back in their scathing assessment of American Democrats, who seem to be in power every time Russia makes a move against Ukrainian territory.

“The Obama-Biden administration has refused lethal aid to Ukraine for a long time,” the official reportedly said.

They added: “It was Trump who was the first to provide some Javelins to Ukraine, then Biden started sending Javelins in mass just before invasion. But too little, too late.”

Going further, the official slammed Biden for his early actions on approving, via lifting multiple sanctions, on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline — a vital energy supply line that would further line Putin’s pockets with regard to his lucrative energy-exporting business.

“Biden’s first step in office was to lift sanctions on Nord Stream 2. Now he applies them heavily. Now it’s too late,” the anonymous Ukrainian said. “If Democrats did not play into the weak policy of not sending weapons to Ukraine and lifting sanctions on Nord Stream 2, Putin would probably think twice or three times.”

Americans react

As Biden’s approval rating continues to plummet, a bombshell new poll from ABC/WaPo over the weekend indicated that a vast majority of Americans believe that the Biden administration hasn’t done nearly enough to stop Putin from ransacking its peaceful neighbor.

Only 33% of the poll’s respondents believe Biden is handling the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while 47% disapprove, and 20% have no opinion on the subject.

Proving what many had already alleged, 48% of the poll’s respondents believe that America has gotten “weaker” under the Biden administration, with only 23% believing that America has gotten “stronger.”

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