Top staffers of prosecutor who cleared Jussie Smollett resign

Things are not looking good for Kim Foxx, the Illinois state’s attorney who decided to cut a deal with Jussie Smollett.

Two of Foxx’s top staffers — Foxx’s top ethic’s attorney April Perry, and Mark Rotert, head of the Conviction Integrity Unit — have both submitted their resignations.

Recusal Announcement

As you may recall, April Perry was the attorney who announced that Foxx was recusing herself from the case, which she did because of her alleged ties to Smollett.

The case was then handed over to Deputy State’s Attorney Joe Magats. However, new reports state that Foxx actually did not completely remove herself from the case.

This, along with other details, is believed to be behind the rash of resignations by top officials on Foxx’s team.

There are apparently dozens of text messages and emails that prove Foxx was constantly meddling in the case.

In these documents, Foxx allegedly called Smollett “washed up.” Additionally, she stated that she thought Smollett was being “overcharged” in the case.

Smollett was facing a total of 16 indictments that had been handed down from the grand jury.

Moving On

Foxx released a statement thanking both of her top staffers who resigned for their service.

Rotert and Perry were both asked for comments about their departure, but only Rotert responded.

He claimed the Smollett case had nothing to do with his departure, but whispers about the situation say different.

Both the very liberal mayor of Chicago and the city’s police chief were adamant that justice was not served in this case.

But because the details of the deal are sealed, Smollett has taken the stance he has been exonerated and is now refusing to repay the city back for the money it spent investigating the hoax crime.

Foxx clearly dropped the ball here, and now she’s losing team members — and Chicago is losing money — because of it.

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