Top policy expert: Biden is betraying Israel

October 19, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A renowned commentator on Israel and Jewish affairs, Caroline Glick, has launched a warning to Israel that America, through the Joe Biden administration, is no longer a friend.

In fact, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was sent to Israel following the recent terror attacks by Hamas, which killed hundreds and hundreds of civilians, sometimes by burning families alive, other times by beheading babies, for a nefarious reason, she explains.

He was dispatched essentially to blackmail Israel into allowing "resupply" of Hamas provisions in Gaza, on the threat of America withholding military supplies needed by Israel.

Further, Joe Biden's recent visit there was staged to force a delay in Israel's response to the Hamas terror, as commanders were ordered to stand down until his trip was completed, she charges, describing Biden himself as acting as a "human shield" for Hamas.

Here are the comments:

Glick explains that Israel's newest threat is from the Biden administration itself.

She cited sources who told her of Blinken's threat to withhold supplies, and his demands of a channel to "resupply" Gaza, or, in fact, Hamas, which controls Gaza.

"Tony Blinken wasn't trying to help Israel at all," she said. Instead, he was demanding those "resupply" lines.

Glick explained, in a contemporaneous commentary at, where she is a senior contributing editor and host of the "Caroline Glick Show," the issue of "humanitarian aid" for Gaza.

"The implications of this position are devastating for Israel. According to reports, there are 'hundreds of trucks' lined up on the border in Egypt to enter the Gaza Strip carrying so-called 'humanitarian aid.' These trucks, if permitted to enter, will not be inspected in any significant way. There is no reason to believe they are carrying baby formula and foodstuffs that will be delivered to the needy. There is every reason to believe they are carrying war materiel and jihadist fighters who have arrived to augment Hamas," she explained.

"To the extent that there is food in the trucks, who will it feed? The hostages? The infirm? Who will the medicine be delivered to? The hostages? Will the fuel in the trucks be used in refrigerators to feed the captive Israelis? Of course not."

She noted that all of the "ministries" in Gaza are, in fact, Hamas itself.

"So whatever and whoever is in the trucks carrying 'humanitarian aid,' all of it will be delivered to Hamas and will be distributed to benefit Hamas," she wrote.

In fact, she wrote, the world is collaborating with Hamas by not allowing those in Gaza to escape to another territory.

"By … demanding that Israel allow Hamas to resupply while calling that resupply 'humanitarian aid,' the Biden administration is trapping the civilians of Gaza it claims to care about protecting. They will remain under Hamas’s jackboot. They will remain its human shields and cannon fodder."

She also said a United Nations resolution "stipulates that all U.N. member nations must 'Refrain from providing any form of support, active or passive, to entities or persons involved in terrorist acts,'" so resupplying Hamas is not allowed.

She issued a dire warning:

As a superpower, the United States is in a position to side with Israel and Hamas simultaneously. And that is clearly the Biden administration’s current policy. The administration’s goal, apparently, is to block Israel from winning and force it to fight to a draw—in the best-case scenario. This is perfect for Hamas, which would survive, and with its friends in the United States, the United Nations, Iran, Qatar and throughout the Arab and Western world, rebuild itself stronger than ever. For Israel, it would be a calamity of biblical proportions. Alone in the world, and treated infamously by its ostensible U.S. ally, Israel would emerge from the war with its regional position in tatters. The peace with Egypt and Jordan would likely not long survive. The Abraham Accords would be undone. And the very notion of normalization of ties with Saudi Arabia would be pushed down the memory hole. Iran would stand as the regional superpower, and within months could be expected to test a nuclear weapon. Israel’s future, in short, would be bleak."

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