Top Pentagon official’s April resignation finally announced

In a day and age when nuclear weapons and capabilities are in the headlines almost daily, it is fairly shocking a top Pentagon official’s resignation was kept under wraps.

That is exactly what happened, though, as the April resignation of top U.S. nuclear official Guy Roberts was only just revealed this week.

Keeping it Quiet

The Trump administration has had considerable turnover at the Pentagon recently. Whether that is the reason this particular resignation was kept so hush-hush remains to be seen.

The public became acutely aware something may be amiss when Roberts was abruptly replaced during an April 3 hearing before the House Armed Services Committee.

The hearing was a scheduled meeting to go over strategy, policy, and DOD programs for countering weapons of mass destruction.

Rather than Roberts attending, Deputy Assistant Secretary Christian Hassell showed up for the committee hearing. Even so, nobody seemed the wiser, as Roberts was still listed as still holding his position on the government website.

Then, this week, Foreign Policy reported Roberts had, in fact, resigned effective April 2.

High Turnover

The Trump administration continues to experience massive turnover rates in the Defense Department.

The administration as a whole experienced significant turnover during the first few months, but most departments have since settled down.

That, obviously, is still not the case at the Pentagon, though. Retired General Mattis resigned after he and Trump differed on the position in Syria.

More recently, Heather Wilson, who was the Secretary of the Air Force, left to take a position at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Tensions with Iran continue to rise, so this is a priority area President Trump will need to shore up ASAP.

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