Top MSNBC show host praises Biden's awesome mental acuity

 March 7, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A leftist talk show entertainer is taking a beating online after he announced that the current version of Joe Biden is the "best Biden ever," "intellectually and analytically."

The rant from entertainer and former member of Congress Joe Scarborough comes just days after commentator Brit Hume, whose opinions often are stated mildly and gently, bluntly said Biden is "palpably senile."

"I have always thought the age and acuity issue was a ticking time bomb. I was saying when it was not at all fashionable to say it that he was senile. Now I think he is palpably senile and the country sees it. And one of his challenges on Thursday night, Bret, would be whether he can assuage the concerns of those even within his own party, who think and say that he is too old for the job."

Biden has a long record of mental and verbal stumbles and bumbles and mistakes. He's called on dead people at news conferences, he's related train stories that simply couldn't have happened, he's recalled conversations with foreign leaders after they were dead, he's mixed up names of his own family members.

At least once he casually wandered off across the White House lawn, triggering Secret Service to jump into action to respond to his unknown and unplanned path, instead of walking directly to the structure. Repeatedly he's simply frozen into immobility during a public appearance.

A recent government report, from a special counsel looking at what federal laws Biden broke by keeping classified government documents from when he was a senator and vice president, recently concluded the evidence was there, but recommended against charging the 81-year-old.

Because of his "diminished" capacities.

But, a report from Modernity confirmed Scarborough's perception was the opposite.

"That guy’s mental state, I’ve said it for years now, he’s cogent, but I undersold him when I said he was cogent, he’s far beyond cogent. In fact, I think he’s better than he’s ever been, intellectually, analytically, because he’s been around for 50 years," he said.

Then, the report noted, Scarborough "bizarrely stated, 'Start your tape right now because I’m about to tell you the truth, and F you if you can’t handle the truth.'"

He claimed, 'This version of Biden intellectually, analytically, is the best Biden ever, not a close second and I’ve known him for years, the Brzezinski’s have known him for 50 years, if it weren’t the truth, I wouldn’t say it."

The online reactions included:

"Americans are subjected to a level of shameless propaganda that would make a commissar blush."

And, "We're reaching levels of regime propaganda that would shame the worst tinpot communist kakocracies of history."

And, "The soviets didn't produce propaganda this bad."

And, "Another shining example of how the mainstream media is nothing but a Democrat propaganda machine."

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