Top library official goes public with scheme to pounce on Christians

June 28, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Drag performers for years already have demanded their right to promote their ideology and lifestyle to children through "story hours" at school and public libraries.

So Christians have claimed their equal right to hold events at those locations.

One prominent personality who has forwarded the movement is actor Kirk Cameron, who has gone on a BRAVE Books tour that has featured his own readings as well as those by authors Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, Turning Point USA contributor Jack Posobiec, and Brave Books founder Trent Talbot.

The reaction has been for librarians to post displays of dozens of LGBT-themed books during those events.

They've also posted pride flags promoting the LGBT ideology.

Protesters also have tried to disrupt the events, drag queens have interrupted the readings, and there have been threats of violence.

WND reported when "Duck Dynasty" star Missy Robertson, who has joined the events on occasion, reported that she and women's sports advocate Riley Gaines were trying to make promotional videos at a public library in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

She reported library staff members were disruptive, made loud noises, and played music from behind the front desk after they had asked for about a minute of quiet to record their videos.

Robertson said, "[The lady at the front desk of the library] said, 'We're just trying to look for things to deal with our stress.' Stre— ... what stress? ... We're just standing there with a camera doing a marketing video. That's when I turned my phone on. I started recording. I was like, 'This is blatant and ridiculous.'"

Now a report from Just the News reveals that an official for the American Library Association has been caught advising librarians on how they can censor Christians, whose messages they dislike.

The report explained the suggestions are from Deborah Caldwell-Stone, the association's director of its "Intellectual Freedom" office, at a virtual library conference.

The report revealed she said events such as Cameron's and BRAVE Book's "See You at the Library" on Aug. 5 are attempts to "exploit the open nature of a public library to advance their agendas" and to "censor LGBTQIA materials or disparage or silence LGBTQIA library users."

Caldwell-Stone, the report said, claimed the events are part of a campaign to "take over libraries."

Her solution is to "keep control" of library facilities, she said, claiming the First Amendment "does not require the library to even offer the meeting-room spaces."

"So ... in regard to the Kirk Cameron thing, you are not obligated to offer public meeting room spaces," she suggested.

She also said libraries could hold their own "events" to shut down Christian messages, or limit rooms only to those who are eligible to hold a library card, the report explained.

Just the News pointed out that, "The ALA's Library Bill of Rights states that libraries should provide meeting rooms to the public 'regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.'"

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