Top Biden official admits White House’s plan to tactically stall evacuations was a failure

President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle continues to worsen as the hours tick by until the Aug. 31 deadline to have every American and Afghan ally safely evacuated out of the now Taliban-controlled country.

According to the Washington Examiner, one of Biden’s top officials was pressed on why the White House took so long to begin evacuations. In his reply, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan admitted that Biden’s White House considered earlier evacuations, but purposely stalled in order to avoid a “crisis of confidence in the government.” 

As we know now, the government would collapse under the rapid Taliban takeover, which only took the terrorist group roughly 11 days to accomplish.

White House spin

It was during a Monday press briefing that Sullivan made the admission, revealing that Biden did have the option to begin evacuating much sooner than when they started, which could have made a significant difference in how many manage to make it out before the Aug. 31 deadline.

“We did contemplate a big gray-tail move of Afghans and others in the July, early August time frame,” Sullivan said.

He added: “We made the determination not to do so because, not just Afghan government officials, but supporters of the Afghan government in Afghanistan, including many of the people who want to come out now, said that doing so would trigger a complete crisis of confidence in the government.”

“We acknowledged that,” Sullivan continued, after admitting that “not taking out the vacuum, not doing that evacuation, didn’t exactly save the Afghan government.”

Scary developments

Sullivan’s admission took on new meaning on Tuesday after it was revealed that Taliban forces are now blocking Afghans — many of whom have worked with the U.S. military for nearly two decades — from leaving their homes and fleeing to the airport, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid made the shocking announcement, just a day after warning the Biden administration that keeping U.S. forces on the ground past Aug. 31 would provoke a reaction.

As of Tuesday, the Pentagon nor any other government agency has been able to answer reporters when asked how many Americans are still stranded in various parts of Afghanistan, though many have estimated that it at least numbers in the thousands.

That’s not to mention the additional thousands of Afgan allies that were promised by the U.S. government that they’d be taken care of in the case of a Taliban takeover. A growing number of analysts and members of Congress are now saying that it’s literally impossible to get everyone out before Aug. 31.

Biden’s foreign policy blunder just went from really bad to absolutely devastating and opens up the real possibility that his failure to pull off the withdrawal plan could result in the death of Americans and our allies.

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