Top Biden ally says Kamala Harris 'ready to be president'

May 2, 2023
Jen Krausz

Top ally of President Joe Biden and senator in his home state Chris Coons (D-DE) claimed during an interview that Vice President Kamala Harris is "ready" to be president if Biden is unable to serve for the next six years, assuming he is re-elected. 

Coons made the comment during an interview discussing whether Biden was well enough to serve another six years and whether voters would be concerned about his age when deciding whether to vote for him.

“The vice president’s ready to run and ready to be president should that ever happen,” Coons said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I know our president has great confidence in her, and so do I.”

Democrat dissension

Privately and anonymously, Democrats have acknowledged that Harris is at the very least not well-liked, and at worst a nasty person to work for and ineffective in just about everything she tries to do.

Her speeches come across as inane, repetitive, and condescending, making many wonder if she understands issues and can handle presidential responsibilities.

Of course, Biden chose her because she's a Black woman, and he couldn't just get rid of her without his woke party calling him a racist.

So now he's stuck with her, and it isn't going to provide much consolation to voters that if he doesn't make it another six years, she will be stepping into his place as the leader of the free world.

Job security

In all likelihood, he might not even still be president now if there were someone more confidence-inspiring in the vice presidential role.

Maybe that's why he won't get rid of her, it's giving him job security that someone so obviously incompetent would be his replacement.

But Coons is doing his best to prop her up so that Democrats will feel comfortable to vote the Democrat ticket when the time comes.

“The vice president, like many vice presidents, has struggled to get positive press coverage and to get the credit she deserves for the hard work that she’s been doing,” Coons said.

“I had a great opportunity to travel with her on a recent trip to Ghana and was so struck by how easy and engaging she was, by the speeches she gave, but also the significant meetings with national leaders,” he added.

If she's so engaging and smart, why aren't those qualities coming across to the public?

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