Top anchor at OANN steps down: ‘I’m still on a mission’

Liz Wheeler, one of the top anchors at One America News Network (OANN), announced on Friday that she had taken a new job and would be leaving the network after five years, the Washington Examiner reported.

Wheeler came to the conservative network in 2015 without any news experience and subsequently built her show Tipping Point up to be the top-rated show on the network. “I had never been in front of a camera before,” Wheeler said in a parting message posted to her Facebook page.

Wheeler also noted that her videos have gotten “hundreds of millions of views online” and that she has felt “privileged” to cover presidential debates, primaries, and elections among many other news events on her show.

“The stories we report on impact the national political conversation,” Wheeler said. “One America News has been a wonderful place to grow.”

New job, same Wheeler

Wheeler couldn’t yet share any information about her new job, but thanked her OANN viewers for their confidence and loyalty during her time there.

“My departure from One America News means I have a new job, but it doesn’t mean I’m changing who I am,” she said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “I’m still on a mission to search out the truth and report it for the American people every day.”

Wheeler said she would still be on social media weekly with her new job and asked viewers to subscribe to her new YouTube channel to get updates.

“I do what I do for you,” Wheeler vowed.

Rising in the ratings

While OANN doesn’t participate in the Nielsen ratings, it claimed to be fourth in Comscore ratings — behind Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN — in March 2019.

OANN broadcasts in 70 markets around the country, according to Politico, but is not as widely available as some other niche broadcasters like Newsmax TV and Bloomberg.

In recent months, President Donald Trump has mentioned OANN as a conservative alternative to Fox News after noticing a less-supportive tone among some shows at Fox. Trump’s endorsement has helped the network establish itself as a bigger network than it had been previously.

Politico has claimed, however, that most of OANN’s employees are actually liberals and noted that the network runs syndicated content from the Associated Press and Reuters to supplement its original content.

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