Tony Bobulinski accuses top Democrats of lying about Joe Biden's involvement in family biz

 March 21, 2024

Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of the Biden family, has been instrumental in exposing what the powerful, politically-connected family did in the foreign business world over the years. 

His testimonies in front of Congress have produced bombshells, and he proved that once again in the latest hearing on Wednesday.

According to Breitbart, Bobulinski made headlines once again as he publicly confronted Democrat Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) during opening statements of President Joe Biden's impeachment inquiry.

The former Biden business associate accused both Democratic lawmakers of lying about the Biden's business ventures.

What happened?

Raskin and Goldman are working overtime to protect the president and the rest of the Biden family, and their tales didn't sit well with Bobulinski, who called them out in front of everyone.

Bobulinski specifically accused them of lying about President Biden's role in the family business.

"They continue to lie directly to the American people without hesitation and remorse," Bobulinski told the committee, with both of them in attendance.

He added, "Rep. Dan Goldman and Jamie Raskin, both lawyers, and Mr. Goldman, a former prosecutor with the SDNY from New York will continue to lie today in this hearing and then go straight to the media to tell more lies.”

Bobulinski's accusation apparently triggered Raskin, who immediately threw a hissy fit and asked if he was even allowed to make such accusations.

"He called members of this committee liars, and I just want to know whether the order and decorum requirements of the House Rule 11 apply to witnesses appearing before the committee," Raskin said. His inquiry was brushed off by Chairman James Comer (R-KY).

Social media reacts

Many across social media cheered Bobulinski for calling out the two Democrats for seemingly covering for President Biden.

"Raskin is one of the biggest liars in the government...right up there with Adam Schiff....he is offended when Bobulinski states the truth out loud...Bobulinski is not intimidated by the little weasel Raskin or Goldman..." one X user wrote.

Only time will tell if Biden's impeachment inquiry goes to the next level.

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