Tomi Lahren slams Pelosi for ‘brushing off’ illegal immigrant crime

Faced with a question about the recent murder of a police officer by an illegal immigrant, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted, “These are tragic situations.” But, she added, Trump’s solutions won’t stop them from happening.

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren slammed Pelosi for her careless answer. “Even one life lost to an illegal immigrant is one life too many … the fact that [Pelosi] can so casually brush it off show exactly where her priorities are and they’re not with the American people. They’re not with legal immigrants either,” Lahren said on “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

Pelosi’s Press Conference

Nancy Pelosi’s weekly press conferences have quickly become nothing more than hits against President Donald Trump.

This week, though, she was asked a tough question about a recent tragedy involving the death of a police officer at the hands of an undocumented immigrant.

Pelosi, of course, brushed off the incident as tragic, but something that would not be prevented by more immigration laws.

Watch below:

Pelosi could not be more wrong, and Tomi Lahren was not afraid at all to call her out on it.

Lahren hit her from an angle we have heard from her numerous times.

Tragedies are going to happen regardless, this we all understand.

However, certain crimes can be prevented.

To that point, Lahren stated, “Not all crime is preventable, but crime involving illegals is 100 percent preventable.”

She could not be more right.

Fantasy Vs. Reality

Would Officer Ronil Singh have been killed in the line of duty anyway?

That is basically what Pelosi is suggesting.

Officer Singh, a legal immigrant from Fiji, worked in California, one of the most liberal states in the Union as well as a sanctuary state.

Had that specific illegal immigrant not been allowed into this country, Singh would no doubt still be alive today.

Like Lahren, I would love to see Pelosi stand in front of his widow and fatherless children to tell them nothing could have been done to prevent this tragedy.
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Clearly, Pelosi is delusional.

Like most Democrats these days, she refuses to admit she is wrong about the trickle-down effect of undocumented immigration and is now belittling the death of a police officer to hold her ground.

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