Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren addresses rumors that she is dating ex-NFL player Jay Cutler

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren has made headlines in the past for her provocative right-wing commentary, but the latest media headline was not related to politics.

After she was spotted with a group of friends including Jay Cutler, rumors soon began to circulate that Lahren and the former NFL player were romantically linked — but both quickly spoke out to put the speculation to rest, as reported by the New York Post.

Rumors start to fly

After leaving California to live in more rural Tennessee several months ago, the Fox News Nation contributor was soon seen out on the town. Of course, her social life has been fodder for tabloids in the past, so this was hardly a surprising development.

When she was seen a bit closer to Cutler than might be expected for casual friends, however, the rumor mill began to work overtime. As E! News reported, the two were seen taking shots of the same bottle of tequila, among other familiar public acts.

Cutler, who recently announced his divorce from reality television star Kristin Cavallari after seven years of marriage, addressed the matter by sharing a video shot on his Tennesee farm.

The clip shows him brushing a miniature cow and declaring her the “only lady” in his life.

Lahren also weighed in, sarcastically tweeting that she enjoyed being the speculation of online relationship rumors.

“A match made in heaven”

Lahren, who has never been married, was previously linked to other high-profile men — including a broken engagement to pro soccer player Brandon Fricke.

Conjecture regarding a possible link between Lahren and Cutler actually predates the recent outing. As Swipe Sports noted last month, Cutler’s return to Instagram was met with apparent excitement by Lahren.

“Talk about a match made in heaven,” the author of that piece stated.

It is unfair for media outlets to speculate about the relationships of public figures, though it is hardly unprecedented. At least this time reporters were not focusing their attention solely on denouncing and deriding her conservative views.

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