Tomi Lahren: ‘If free speech offends you…’

In a first look at Fox’s new streaming service Fox Nation, Tomi Lahren dropped the hammer right out of the gate.

During her Fox Nation Final Thoughts segment, Lahren proclaimed, “If free speech offends you, too bad!”

Watch Out

Fox News wanted to create a new outlet that would not be limited by the restrictions of cable TV.

Fox Nation is the new streaming service, offering a much freer platform for hosts to express their opinions on all subjects without restraint.

Lahren was more than a little excited about her sneak peek at what the new outlet would offer, giving fans a speech that brought them to their feet in applause.

Watch below:

The new outlet is a radical move by Fox to offer exclusive stories and video feeds to superfans.

Interesting Move

The launch of Fox Nation, however, could be an indicator that Fox News will be taming down its image on cable TV.

Could Fox News have created this outlet to give its main news program room to become more “politically correct” for mass viewers?

Considering the network dominates virtually every prime time slot, that would be a HUGE mistake by network executives.

What Is Fox Nation?

Currently, Fox Nation is offering several different levels of memberships with varying perks.

A one-year subscription is available for $60 with a free gift of a Founder’s Challenge Coin.

A two-year subscription will cost $130 and features the addition of a Founder’s hat.

A three-year subscription is available for $280 and has the additions of a Founder’s Rocks Glass Set and a Founder’s Medal.

There is an additional package available for $1,200, adding a Tactical Watch to the gift package.

In addition to the exclusive content, members will also have special events made available to them.

The new service promises a deeper look into all of the hottest political topics.

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And, of course, as Lahren stated, we expect to hear free speech, unhampered by political correctness.

It is probably a safe assumption there will not be many liberals signing up for Fox Nation.

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