Tomi Lahren: Elected leaders should resign before running for president

Fox News pundit Tomi Lahren just asked a question that every American should have been demanding an answer to for decades.

Why do our elected representatives get to continue holding their current position while they are campaigning for president?

Waste of Taxpayer Money

So far this year, nine Democrats have announced they are either running or launching exploratory committees to run for President.

Most of them are currently elected officials.

For instance, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Kamala Harris are all senators.

Tulsi Gabbard and John Delaney both serve in Congress.

Rather than devoting their time to serving their constituents, they will be out on the campaign trail for the next two years.

How is that fair to the people they are supposed to represent?

This is not just a Democrat issue.

We saw the same problem in 2016 during the presidential election.

Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio spent a good portion of the campaign battling it out with Donald Trump.

What about Governor John Kasich?

Can anyone honestly say their states and voters were well represented by during the campaign season?

Time to Change the Rules

There isn’t another job on the planet, other than being a politician, that allows you to work towards getting another job while you are on the clock.

American taxpayers, whether they voted for these individuals or not, are paying the salary of dozens of individuals that are simply not doing their job.

Is it any wonder after a long and brutal presidential campaign that Ted Cruz’s support dwindled in Texas?

Senator Kamala Harris has not even completed her first term, and she is, in essence, going to be spending half of that term running for president.

If you are an elected official and want to run for president, fine, but Lahren has a point here.

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The moment a candidate announces their campaign, they should resign their current position so the American taxpayers are not footing the bill for their campaign.

To Warren, Gillibrand, Harris, Delaney, and everyone else currently holding an office, do the job you are being paid to do, period!

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