Fox’s Tomi Lahren calls ‘BS’ on NFL prospect for deleting his pro-Trump tweets

Nick Bosa is expected to be selected in the first couple rounds of the NFL draft, so he decided to delete all of his pro-Trump tweets for fear of repercussions during or after the draft — a move that hasn’t impressed conservatives.

For her part, Fox News personality Tomi Lahren said it’s a “load of B.S.” that this thought was even entertained.

Anti-American League

For the last two years, the NFL has hit Trump from just about every angle.

It all started with Colin Kaepernick protesting the National Anthem.

Then, NFL players, along with players from other pro sports leagues, started to decline to go to the White House after winning their respective championships.

The battle came to a head when the Philadelphia Eagles were disinvited from going to the White House after numerous players were very outspoken in their criticisms of President Trump.

Now, there’s another figure causing controversy: Nick Bosa.

Protecting His Career

Bosa is one of the top-ranked prospects in this year’s draft, and as such, there is a very good chance he could end up going to San Francisco, where this whole mess got started.

Out of concern for offending the fan base — or fellow players who are still friends with Kaepernick — Bosa decided to delete tweets on his profile that were either pro-Trump or could be construed as such. This left Trump supporters, and conservatives in general, outraged.

Lahren addressed this during a recent segment on Fox, stating: “If you’re an anti-American crybaby kneeler on the field, you can be proud of your message but if you support the president and conservative values off the field, you have to cleanse your Twitter so you don’t offend anyone.”

“That’s a load of B.S.,” she went on. “Yeah, forget the needles and feces littering the streets, the most offensive thing in San Francisco would be a pro-Trump patriot.”

For years, the NFL has been synonymous with patriotism, but those days are long gone.

To Lahren’s point, if you are anything but liberal and in the NFL, you have to keep your mouth shut or face the consequences.

Had Bosa’s timeline been packed with liberal tweets supporting Hillary Clinton, this would never have been done.

Meanwhile, as Lahren stated, Trump supporters would have had Bosa’s back if he himself had the courage to stand up for what he believes in.

Now, he will not only be a target of the left, but he will not have anyone in his corner on the right.

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