Tomi Lahren Accused of Abusing Her Dog

Just how far will the liberal media go to create a headline?

That question was answered when a TMZ reporter tracked down conservative firecracker Tomi Lahren at the airport to question her about allegedly kicking her dog.

The feigned “outrage” of Lahren kicking her beloved dog Kota came after Lahren made a social media post about the dog’s behavior during a filming of “Fox & Friends.”

What Really Happened

Lahren playfully chastised her dog for “chewing a bone” during the segment, saying she “kicked” her about five times.

However, we all know at worst, she merely nudged the dog with her foot to get Kota to stop while she was doing her segment.

Now, anyone that follows Tomi Lahren on social media knows that dog is just as important to her as a child would be to a parent.

She was hamming it for the camera to give a little facetime to her dog, but the liberal media, once again, twists a “joke” into something much more than it is.


Keep in mind, the media outrage of Lahren’s fake kicking of her dog is taking place at the same time Rep. Suozzi is supposedly joking about taking up arms against President Trump.

However, we have seen no outrage at all from media outlets over his comments.

I guess a joke about nudging your dog in out of bounds in today’s political climate, but joking about shooting a president is fair game.

TMZ took the stance that Tomi’s comments were ill-timed, due to the recent death of a dog on United Airlines.

A flight attendant unknowingly put a dog in a carrier in an overhead bin during a flight, so they are assuming Tomi was not only aware of that situation, but that she was also making light of it with her own comments.

This is what the liberal media does.

They look for situations where they can tear down conservatives, at any cost, and simply ignore the wrongdoings of Democrats in office and their liberal supporters.

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This entire story is nothing more than a way for the liberal media to discredit one of the loudest voices conservatives have today.

It sounds to me like they are more worried about a strong woman with a respected voice than they are about the actual rights of animals.

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