Sen. Tom Cotton slams Dems, says they have all ‘truly lost their mind’

Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton has just confirmed what many of us have been thinking for quite some time.

During a recent interview discussing the Democrat presidential field, Cotton said the entire field and the Democratic Party have “truly lost their mind.”

A Socialist Nation

From day one of this election cycle, Democrats have preached socialist ideals that are truly scary from a conservative viewpoint.

Cotton hit the nail on the head, stating: “We are going into a highly consequential election. The Democrats have truly lost their mind.”

He went on: “If you watched those debates last week, they want to take away your health insurance, they want to abolish the death penalty, they want to decriminalize crossing our border illegally, they don’t want to deport anyone other than serious, violent felons, and they want to use your taxpayer dollars to provide them all health care.”

As Cotton later alluded, this election is less about choosing a candidate and more about choosing the ideology of this country moving forward.

If you want to throw away everything our Founding Fathers fought for, then the Democratic Party has your candidate.

Not “American” Ideals

Throughout the history of our country, both political parties have had their differences, but overall, they believe in the same root ideology this country was founded upon.

This is called the land of opportunity because, with hard work, anyone in this country can succeed, especially today. This recent class of Democrats, as well as older socialists like Bernie Sanders, have different ideas, though.

They want to take money from hard-working and already successful Americans and hand it over to everyone else in the form of entitlement benefits and programs.

These ideas they are proposing are not new, but they have never worked before. Look at Venezuela, Cuba, and the old Soviet Union. Socialism fails.

What Dems are proposing will ruin this country and the only people that would consider proposing or backing such ideas are either anti-American or, as Cotton stated, out of their minds!

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