Poet Tom Clark has died at age 77

One of the most prolific poets of our time wrote his last words on August 17.

Only hours after making a post on his personal blog, Tom Clark was killed when he was struck by a car in Berkeley, California.

Unique Voice

Clark had a way of making every word he wrote sound like magic.

As a poet, he may be unequaled in the number of works he was able to put out over the years.

But even while cranking out book after book, he never published anything that was not up to par.

Clark, apparently, is one of the few poets who never seemed to get a case of writer’s block.

Close friend Ron Padgett said of him: “His poetry was music to the ear – poetic, but not intrusive like Dylan Thomas going ‘clang, clang, clang.’”

“You always came away elevated,” Padgett added.

Man of Many Talents

In addition to his many poetry books, Clark penned more than a few words about his favorite sport, baseball.

As a fan of the Oakland Athletics, you will find the As the subject of much of his writing.

He was also enamored with Mark Fidrych, who was a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.

Fidrych’s rookie season in 1976 ranks among the best ever, having gone 19-9 with a 2.34 ERA.

In fact, Fidrych worked with Clark on one of his books.

Last Days

In recent years, Clark was a devoted blogger.

He even posted an article on his blog shortly before his death.

To say Clark was not a supporter of the current administration would appear to be an understatement based on his last post.

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He was documenting the plight of undocumented immigrant children recently separated from their parents “as part of the Trump administration’s ‘zero-tolerance’ immigration policy.”

Clarke is survived by his wife, daughter, and brother.

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