Citing his Trump obsession, Tom Arnold’s wife files for divorce: Report

President Donald Trump has apparently broken up a marriage — but it wasn’t his own.

According to a report, actor Tom Arnold’s wife is divorcing him, in part because he is so obsessed with “taking down” Trump.

Marital Problems

Tom Arnold has not exactly been a picture of mental health even on his best days.

However, the election of Donald Trump seemed to take his Trump Derangement Syndrome to a whole new level.

Indeed, Ashley Grossman Arnold, Tom’s soon-to-be ex-wife, made it clear that everything wasn’t all strawberries and whipped cream before Trump came along. Tom Arnold’s drug usage — as well as some ongoing erratic behavior on his part — has created problems for the couple.

But when Trump got elected, the actor just became obsessed with taking down the president, according to Ashley Arnold.

She also said her husband lied to the Secret Service when they came to question him about his threats against Donald Trump.

“Tom told the Secret Service he did not have any guns in our home,” the actor’s wife said. “This is untrue.”

Bad Times

While Tom Arnold is a celebrity, he is not exactly rolling in the cash — which is why his soon-to-be-former wife’s request for more than $15,000 in child support and alimony will hit the actor so hard.

Having to send almost $200,000 each year to his ex is surely not going to make things better for Tom Arnold.

Things could also be getting scary for the president.

If Tom Arnold was obsessed with Trump before, how bad will it be now that he will probably blame the president for his wife leaving him?

If you ask me, the Secret Service agents need to pay Mr. Arnold another visit.

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