Rep. Rashida Tlaib poses for photo with fundraiser known for sharing anti-Semitic conspiracies: Report

Considering all the controversy over the last several months surrounding allegedly anti-Semitic commentary uttered by Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar (MN) and Rashida Tlaib (MI), you’d think these freshman congresswomen would go out of their way to avoid being seen as furthering their anti-Semitic tendencies.

But that hasn’t been the case. According to a report from The Daily Caller, Tlaib has continued to pose for photos with a prominent Democrat fundraiser who is known for spreading anti-Semitic conspiracies. 

Tlaib has reportedly attended events and posed for pictures with a Palestinian-American businessman named Maher Abdel-qader, even after the Daily Caller exposed him in January for pushing incredibly hateful anti-Semitic propaganda.

A hateful history

Abdel-qader, who was a prominent fundraiser and key figure in Tlaib’s victorious campaign in 2018, has quite the history of pushing of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and stereotypical tropes about Jews.

In January, The Daily Caller had revealed how Abdel-qader had shared a video on social media that described Jews as “satanic” and not really Jewish at all.

The clip also alleged that the Jewish claim to the holy land of Israel was entirely made up and that Jews secretly control the entirety of the media, and it even questioned the existence of the Holocaust, during which roughly 6 million Jews were killed.

Abdel-qader publicly apologized and deleted that video, only to once again resume posting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and tropes on social media once the uproar died down.

In recent posts, Abdel-qader has asserted that the “Zionist lobby” has purchased the “blind loyalty” of U.S. politicians. He claimed in a prior post that the U.S. had given up its “sovereignty” to Israel.

Anti-Semitism sightings

Meanwhile, there are pictures from April and May of this year that show Abdel-qader was attending political events and posing together for pictures with Tlaib, despite the controversy over his openly asserted anti-Semitism.

Neither Abdel-qader or Tlaib responded to requests for comment by The Daily Caller on this issue.

And it’s not just Tlaib; there are also pictures from February of Abdel-qader and Rep. Omar posing together at an event.

More recently, photos emerged in June from an Arabic media outlet that showed Abdel-qader posing for pictures with the 2020 campaign manager for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Faiz Shakir — which should raise some questions for the self-declared democratic socialist who wants to be president.

What gives, Dems?

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