Dem Rep. Tlaib calls to ‘expand’ the ‘extremist’ Supreme Court over ‘right to strike’ labor case

Many Democrats for several years now have been calling to “pack the court,” or expand the size of the U.S. Supreme Court with additional liberal justices in order to alter the bench’s ideological makeup and counter the current conservative-leaning majority.

Far-left progressive Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is the latest elected Democrat to smear the Supreme Court as an “extremist” institution that should be expanded, Fox News reported.

The Michigan congresswoman’s demand came in reaction to concern that the high court might rule in favor of a company over a labor union in a case that deal’s with the limits of a union’s “right to strike.”

Time to “expand” the “extremist” court

“The right to strike is the single most powerful tool workers have to fight corporate greed and injustice in their workplace and it’s currently on trial at the extremist Supreme Court. Expand the Court,” Rep. Tlaib tweeted Friday morning.

The leftist Democrat was referencing the case of Glacier Northwest, Inc. v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters which was before the Supreme Court on Jan. 10 for oral arguments.

That case is centered on a dispute between Glacier Northwest, a Washington state-based concrete mixing company, and the labor union, whose workers went on strike right after the company’s trucks had been loaded with wet cement that then hardened and caused significant damage to the company’s equipment.

According to SCOTUSblog, there are three main issues at stake, including whether the federal National Labor Relations Act preempts state court claims, where the line should be drawn on “reasonable precautions” striking workers must take to prevent property damage, and whether state courts or the federal National Labor Relations Board should go first in attempting to settle a dispute between companies and workers.

Though it is often difficult to predict how the Supreme Court will ultimately rule on any given matter, Fox News noted that the general consensus among court watchers was that a majority of the justices seemed inclined to side with the company in this dispute and clarify the limits of what is permissible in a labor union’s right to strike and how such situations should be handled.

How and why will the left “expand the court”?

As noted, Rep. Tlaib’s call to “pack” or “expand the court” with additional liberal-leaning jurists is nothing new, as many of her Democratic comrades have been demanding the same ever since the Supreme Court shifted definitively toward the right under former President Donald Trump.

Nor is it any real secret why they want to do so or even how they intend to do it, according to a piece from National Review about one year ago in January 2022.

The first step is for a Democratic majority in the Senate to do away with the longstanding filibuster rule and its 60-vote threshold, which would in turn allow Senate Democrats to pass legislation with a simple majority that would expand the size of the Supreme Court by four or more additional justices.

Then, with a new liberal-leaning majority in place, presumably one that gives short shrift to constitutional originalism, the left can strategically utilize that court to essentially legislate from the bench what Democrats are unable to achieve in Congress in order to advance the left’s policy agenda.

Won’t happen if Republicans have any say

Senate Republicans, of course, stand staunchly opposed to the ideas of abolishing the filibuster and packing the court, and will undoubtedly do everything in their power to prevent that from occurring.

Meanwhile, Rep. Tlaib, as a member of the House, really has no say in that matter, other than agitating from the sidelines — which pretty much sums up her career in Congress thus far since she was first elected in 2018.

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