New York Times story downplays severity of sexual assault accusation against Biden: Report

The mainstream media has finally gotten around to addressing the detailed sexual assault allegation against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden — but they are doing so very carefully.

According to Breitbart, editors at The New York Times ended up removing specific wording from a lengthy report published Sunday to justify its conclusion that there was “no pattern of sexual misconduct” by the former vice president.

Careful editing

The days of an unbiased press are long gone. We simply cannot get the honest news without a partisan slant one way or the other from the mainstream media.

When you read alternative media, you expect to get a slant and/or commentary, because that is what those outlets do. Alternative media is like an opinion show, such as Hannity or The Ingraham Angle on Fox. Mainstream news outlets — save the opinion columns — are supposed to be facts, plain and simple.

The report in The New York Times by Lisa Lerer and Sydney Ember was supposed to be an investigative report into the sexual assault allegations leveled against Biden by former staffer Tara Reade in March, but it read more like something you would expect from Mother Jones, The Atlantic, or Biden’s campaign pages.

While the report does detail Reade’s allegation, the tone of the article is dismissive of Reade’s story from the outset. Initially, the conclusion of the report read, “We found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden, beyond hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable.”

However, shortly after the report was published, it was edited without notation to read: “The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden.” That is a pretty big omission, considering unwanted hugs, kisses, and touching are signs of sexual misconduct.

The correction to the article was reportedly made because readers objected, saying that sentence in and of itself was contradictory, so the editors apparently decided to revise the sentence in Joe Biden’s favor.

Protecting Joe Biden

This has been the norm for the mainstream media lately; they are doing everything they can to protect Joe Biden to help promote him for the upcoming election.

In the meantime, the same outlets are on the attack against President Donald Trump. The most recent example was yet another Times piece that was highly critical of the Trump administration’s coronavirus response efforts.

In that article, The New York Times gives a window of as much as six weeks of delaying a response that possibly could have saved lives, yet they ignore statements made by the likes of foremost infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci during that period stating we still really had nothing to worry about.

The mainstream media’s silent campaign to turn a blind eye to the glaring problems with a Biden nomination while simultaneously running a 24/7 smear campaign against Trump has never been more apparent than in this deceptively edited piece. What a shame.

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