LA Times slams Harris over inaction amid GOP opposition to Biden agenda

Vice President Kamala Harris has faced mounting criticism from the right, particularly in response to her perceived inaction regarding the ongoing surge in illegal immigration along the nation’s southern border.

Now, even the left-leaning¬†Los Angeles Times is attacking her as a largely “ineffective” vice president.

Harris in hiding

In the months since Harris has been in office, the newspaper has gone from fawning over her to the notably less approving tone of recent reports, indicating that even her progressive base is losing faith in her abilities.

Of course, her critics and fans alike might argue that the former U.S. senator from California was a risky choice as President Joe Biden’s running mate from the beginning. Her performance in the presidential primary race was deeply flawed and she now appears to be contributing directly to the failure of the Biden administration.

Unless she can come up with a plan to effectively address the border crisis, her political career might be over completely.

In his recent article,¬†Los Angeles Times staff writer Noah Bierman remarked that even as Democrats encountered unified GOP opposition on various issues in recent days, “the takeaway was how little we saw of” the vice president.

“No dramatic trips to the Senate to court votes,” he wrote. “No statements on how to find compromise. No known talks with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, the sole Democratic holdout in supporting the bill.”

Biden out of luck

While she has faced plenty of backlash over her role in the border situation, her real failure from the Biden administration’s perspective appears to be on Capitol Hill. As vice president, she acts as the tie-breaking vote in a Senate evenly divided between the two parties.

Although she has a unique opportunity and duty to help her party pass Biden’s legislative agenda, critics say she has all but ignored the responsibility.

As Bierman noted, Harris showed up in West Virginia without even telling Manchin, apparently angering the influential senator and doing nothing to help Biden’s cause.

For his part, Biden appears to have few options in addressing Harris, who is rapidly losing support across the political spectrum and could cost Democrats votes in the upcoming midterm elections.

Unfortunately for him, he will not be able to simply get rid of his vice president like other prominent officials in the executive branch. Instead, he will need to find a way to work around her and hope that she does not create any more roadblocks for his agenda.

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