Time columnist makes up fake Donald Trump quote… Outrage ensues

If you read Time magazine, you already know columnist Ian Bremmer is not a fan of Trump.

Over the weekend, Bremmer thought it would be a good idea to forge a fake quote from Trump, but the stunt backfired and Bremmer was forced to issue an apology on Monday.

Fake News

Ian Bremmer is not your ordinary journalist. In addition to writing his column for Time, he is also a political science professor at NYU. He is also widely considered an expert on foreign policy.

As a well-respected academic and journalist, when Bremmer reports that Trump said something, most people are going to accept it as a fact. That, however, is exactly what happened on Sunday.

While President Trump was in Japan, Bremmer tweeted, “Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden.” Bremmer attributed the quote to Trump.

The administration immediately pushed back, calling the tweet Fake News, and Trump supporters and other members of the media lit Bremmer up for the stunt.

The Fake Apology

When Bremmer was called out for this prank, he initially pushed back, saying that Trump is so outrageous, most people believed those words actually came from Trump.

On Monday, however, Bremmer issued the usual fake apology, saying the tweet was meant in jest. The harm was already done, however.

Several mainstream media members snagged the quote and ran with it, taking the opportunity to slam Trump in the process.

After it was revealed the quote was fake, there were few apologies. Instead, most of the media and alt-media websites that ran with the story simply deleted their stories and/or social media posts related to the tweet as though they had never happened.

Far too many mainstream outlets are not verifying facts and fake news instantly becomes a legitimate story.

Sadly, the damage often done cannot be fixed with a simple apology or the deletion of an article or tweet.

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