Tim Tebow takes on 'one of the worst evils in the world'

 March 11, 2024

Tim Tebow, the former National Football League (NFL) quarterback) is taking on what he has referred to as "one of the worst evils in the world." 

Tebow revealed as much during an interview, over the weekend, on the Fox News Channel's Fox News Sunday.

The evil referred to at the beginning is child trafficking and exploitation.

Tebow says that - through the Tim Tebow Foundation - he is working to help the victims of this evil, both here in America and around the world.

"50,000 boys and girls"

During his Fox News appearance, Tebow explained the problem. He said that, at first, he was told that there are about 20,000 victims of child trafficking and exploitation who are unidentified.

"I was made aware of this several years ago, just the depth of it by one of our team members. She said to me, 'I believe there is 20,000 boys and girls that are still unidentified,'" Tebow said.

The former NFL quarterback went on to explain the difficulty of addressing this problem, saying, "Law enforcement can see their abuse and rape images but they haven’t been able to identify them. So, if you can’t identify them, how could you possibly get to them?"

Then, Tebow made a startling revelation. After further research, he has come to learn that the real number of unidentified victims of child trafficking and exploitation is over 50,000.

He said:

We found that it’s not 20,000 kids that are unknown or unidentified, it’s over 50,000 boys and girls through the backlog that are unidentified in these global databases," he added. "There are so many boys and girls and 65% of them are under the age of 12 and 4.3% of them – that’s 2,100 – are infants.

Here's what Tebow is doing about it:

The Tim Tebow Foundation has been working with governmental agencies - both here in America and abroad - to address the global problem of child trafficking and exploitation.

Just last week, Tebow appeared before the United States Congress to make a plea for funding for this effort. The goal of the effort is not just to find the victims but also to capture their perpetrators. To this end, Tebow's Foundation often works with law enforcement.

The Tebow Foundation has already had some success.

Fox reports:

Tebow and the foundation worked with Homeland Security Investigations on "Operation Renewed Hope" – a three-week "surge" of investigations into child abuse in 2023. The foundation said it located "311 probable identifications of previously unknown victims, including 14 positive contacts and confirmed the rescue of several victims from active abuse."

The foundation referred to this operation as "the most successful of its kind."

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