Actor Tim Conway ‘almost entirely unresponsive’ as daughter fights legal battle

Entertainers most of us grew up with are passing away at an alarming rate lately. And if reports are correct, Tim Conway will be the next name added to that list.

According to his daughter, Conway is “almost entirely unresponsive,” and she is fighting her mother to take over guardianship.


Mr. Conway’s family is the midst of a struggle we all dread: what to do with a family member whose quality of life is over.

Conway’s daughter is now fighting so she can have guardianship rights over her father.

She wants the guardianship so she can make the health care decisions she deems to be best for her dad.

Charlene Conway, Tim’s wife, has other plans though.

Mrs. Conway wants to move Tim to a different healthcare facility, one the daughter is convinced cannot provide the quality of care he needs.

It is very easy to empathize with both parties in this case.

Remembering Tim

For those of that grew up in the 1960s and ‘70s, Conway was a comedic respite in our day.

While not his first role, Ensign Charles Parker in McHale’s Navy made him a household name in the early ‘60s.

Conway never had formal training, which made his comedic timing all the more impressive.

After making guest appearances on several different TV shows, Conway was given his own show in 1970.

While his self-named show only lasted a season, Conway quickly became a very hot commodity in Hollywood.

He starred in several hit movies immediately afterward, most notably The Shaggy D.A. and The Apple Dumpling Gang.

Then, Tim once again was welcomed into America’s living room with a recurring guest role in The Carol Burnett Show from 1975 to 1978.

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His unique sense of humor was a true throwback that kept him actively working for decades.

His last credited role was in 2016, playing Dorf in Chip and Bernie Save Christmas with Dorf.

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