Acting State Supreme Court Judge Ronald H. Tills dies at age 82

Republicans have lost another long-time stalwart conservative.

Ronald T. Tills, an acting State Supreme Court Justice, died unexpectedly at his home in February at the age of 82.

Tough Conservative

Tills was an old-school conservative that believed if you are going to do the crime, then you will also do the time.

Prior to serving as a State Justice, Tills represented Erie County as its Assemblyman.

Governor George Pataki appointed him to the State Court in 1995.

He kept his seat on the bench until he was forced to retire (mandatory retirement due to age) in 2005.

Claims to Fame

Tills gained nationwide fame back in 1998 with a rather unique case.

A couple had been arrested and convicted for robbery in Lackawanna.

Prior to handing out their prison terms, Tills actually married them while they stood there in their handcuffs awaiting sentencing.

Another famous case that fell before him while he was on the bench was that of Anthony Pignataro.

Pignataro was a plastic surgeon who had a patient die while under his care.

After being released from prison, Pignataro violated his probation and Tills sent him right back to prison.

Man On the Go

After his retirement, Tills continued to stay active in the community.

Elizabeth Tills, his wife, stated, “He was a person who was constantly on the go. He was a doer.”

Not surprisingly, Tills was also a member of the local Volunteer Fire Department.

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He was grounded in faith and a lifelong member of the Hamburg United Methodist Church.

Rest in Peace Mr. Tills.

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