Tiger found in duffel bag at Mexico border

It would appear that some smugglers crossing the border illegally are trying to get more than themselves and drugs into our country.

A shocking picture was released by CNN of a duffel bag dropped by someone trying to cross the border that contained a tiger cub.

Scary Moment

At first glance, it would appear the tiger was dead.

However, agents said the tiger cub was just unconscious and appeared to have been sedated for the border crossing.

The report stated the tiger was only four months old.

After the discovery, the cub was turned over to the Gladys Porter Zoo.

Thankfully, the cub is expected to make a full recovery from the ordeal.


While this story has a happy ending, rest assured that is not the case every time.

One can only imagine the nefarious plans those criminals had for the tiger cub.

It also proves the point regarding the idea that dangerous “things” are being smuggled across our borders is very real.

It further emphasizes our need not just for a better wall, but more funding for more agents.

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Simply put, our country cannot afford to let anyone or anything cross into our country without proper documentation.

One drug dealer, one diseased animal, one criminal… they are all one too many.

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