Tiffany Trump photographed with Joe Biden’s granddaughter

Tiffany Trump sent the media into a frenzy this weekend with a picture on her Instagram.

The now much-publicized picture featured not only Tiffany Trump, but also the granddaughter of former Vice President Joe Biden, Naomi.

The Frenzy

Much of the frenzy over this photo was created because of the obvious dislike Biden has for Trump.

However, that same hatred is not shared by the younger women in their respective families.

Tiffany and Naomi actually have an existing relationship.

Both women attended the University of Pennsylvania together.

They were also both part of the graduating class of 2016.

Going back to graduation day, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden were at the ceremony.

The Photo

One reason the photo no doubt caused quite the stir was because of the creative editing that was done by Tiffany.

At the bottom of the original photo was two hearts intertwined.

The obvious meaning to this is the two continue to share a close friendship.

The picture was taken at a Jaden Smith performance in Montauk, New York.

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Liberals were bouncing off the walls over the photo, wondering how a Biden could even share the same air with a Trump.

It just proves the media and liberals will go to no end to continue to create a divide.

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