Tiffany Trump shows off her new boyfriend at White House

President Donald Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, apparently has gotten herself a new beau.

Tiffany’s previous boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, has been kicked to the curb for Nigerian native Michael Boulos.

On Friday, Tiffany shared a photo on Instagram with Boulos in the Red Room of the White House.


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While she waited to post the photo until now, it appears to have been taken on December 13, when she posted a photo of herself in the same dress in the Red Room.

Out with the Old

Tiffany was believed to have been serious about her relationship with Mechanic.

Much was made about the relationship during the election due to Mechanic’s liberal ties.

The two broke up last year, however, as Tiffany was going to Georgetown Law School.

She was reportedly just a bit stressed out over having a relationship that required traveling between New York and D.C.

Until now, her personal relationships have been kept very low key.

Then, along comes Michael Boulos, who grew up in Nigeria and is now based in London. His family runs a successful conglomerate, SCOA Nigeria.

The New Guy

Tiffany reportedly met Boulos at actress Lindsey Lohan’s beach club in Mykonos over the summer.

While the two were dating, they managed to keep their relationship out of the media.

Someone close to the couple told Page Six in November, “Tiffany is happy she has so far been able to keep things with Michael under the radar.”

That all changed when Tiffany brought Boulos to Thanksgiving dinner to meet her family. It’s unclear whether or not that included her father.

Even after the big meet, the relationship was still kept low key until the big “outing” happened over the Christmas holiday.

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Boulos’ social media pages are private, but internet sleuths report that he is of Lebanese descent and his brother is Fares Boulos, a popular rapper who goes by the name Farastafari.

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