Tiffany Trump appears to disagree with her father’s conservative politics

While we often hear public statements from three of the four elder Trump children, one of them remains silent and out of the picture, at least until now.

People were stunned when they noticed Tiffany Trump, the silent daughter, liked an Instagram post that was both anti-gun and anti GOP.

Tiffany’s Role in Presidency

During the primary season, Americans barely saw Tiffany Trump.

After Trump secured the Republican nomination, she was still barely a blip on the radar screen.

Only as the actual election drew nearer, did Tiffany begin making appearances with her father.

It is quite easy to surmise that she simply may not have an interest in politics, unlike her siblings.

The Media and Tiffany

The mainstream media has tried at every level to drive a wedge between Tiffany and her father.

During the election period, there were several bogus photographs circulated to either make her look bad or drive a wedge between Tiffany and her father.

One conclusion could be that Trump kept her in the shadows to protect her from media scrutiny, much like the President does with Barron.

Why Like the Instagram Post?

In all likelihood, this is much ado about nothing.

It is a fairly safe wager that virtually everyone reading this article right now has liked or followed a social media post they did not necessarily agree with when they read it.

Why like it or follow it?

Perhaps to stay up to date on it and simply monitor what people are saying about the subject.

After all, the best way to fight your enemy is to know what they are thinking.

Even if we presume she liked the post because she was anti-gun or anti-GOP, we must also consider the fact Tiffany is very young.

She has grown up in an age where liberal beliefs are literally rammed down kids throats.

In time, she will no doubt see through the smokescreen liberals are spreading all over this country.

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And she will no doubt see the ways of her father are in fact the right path.

Until then, let’s just treat this for what is… nothing.

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