TV star Maura Tierney hit by car while riding her bike

It appears even Hollywood stars are not immune to road rage when riding a bike.

Star of ER and The Affair, Maura Tierney was struck by a car in Marina Del Ray Monday afternoon.

Scary Moment

Anyone that has ever been hit while on their bike knows the helplessness one feels at that moment of impact.

You are totally exposed and regardless of how fast or slow you are riding, the ground comes at you very fast.

After being hit, several photos were posted on social media showing Tierney lying on the ground in obvious pain.

Her bike was also shown, which was completely mangled.

Later, pictures surfaced of Tierney being put into an emergency vehicle.

At that time, there were obvious concerns over her health because she was both in a chair and collar while being transported.

It also appeared that she may not have been wearing her helmet.

So, fans were concerned about a head trauma.

Thankfully, she was released from the hospital later in the day with no severe injuries.

Acting Career

Teirney’s first break came in a made-for-TV movie called Student Exchange.

That role led her to several small character roles in moves like Primal Fear and Primary Colors.

Two of the movies that made her a household name were Welcome to Mooseport and Liar Liar.

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She would then have a long run on the weekly TV show ER from 1999 to 2008.

Since her stint on ER, she has been regularly cast in movies and hit TV shows, including The Affair, The Office, and The Good Wife.

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