Three U.S. Marines killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan

More bad news for the families of some of our brave military members.

According to an AP report, three U.S. Marines were killed this week in Afghanistan.

Roadside Bombing

The attack that killed the servicemen and wounded several others is believed to have been a roadside bombing.

So far, three Marines were reported killed.

Additionally, at least three more soldiers were reported wounded, along with a private contractor.

The contractor, who was initially reported as killed and a U.S. citizen, is an Afghan who has been treated and released from a local hospital.

The Taliban has taken responsibility for the attack, according to reports, and said the explosion was a result of one of their suicide bombers detonating his device.

That version does not necessarily coincide with the reports from the military, so details remain a bit sketchy at this time.

Increasing Casualty Rate

Among the dead soldiers was Christopher Slutman, who also served in the New York City Fire Department. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

NYFD Commissioner Daniel Nigro released the following statement upon learning of the death of one of his team members: “Firefighter Slutman bravely wore two uniforms and committed his life to public service both as a New York City firefighter and as a member of the United States Marine Corps.”

The other service members have not yet been identified pending notification to their families.

The death of these three soldiers brings the U.S. casualty rate in Afghanistan for 2019 to seven. That is considerably higher than last year’s pace, which was 13 for the entire year.

While continuing to carry out these attacks, the Taliban is also in peace talk negotiations with the United States.

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