Three top staffers depart Biden’s White House

There appears to be trouble in the White House of President Joe Biden.

The New York Post reports that three top staff members of the White House press office are leaving their posts. 

The three individuals are Mike Gwin, the White House rapid response director, Vedant Patel, the assistant press secretary, and Amanda Finney, the press office’s chief of staff.

What we know:

All three departures were announced last week by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Pierre revealed that Gwin is moving on to the Treasury Department to become the deputy assistant secretary for public affairs, that Patel is moving on to the State Department to become the principal deputy spokesperson, and that Finney is moving on to the Energy Department to become the deputy director of public affairs.

So, we know that these three individuals are leaving the White House press office, and we know where these three individuals are going.

The one thing, however, that we do not know is why, all of a sudden, these changes were made. This is something that neither Pierre nor the three departing individuals have revealed. Instead, the official narrative is that this is just the normal turnover that is seen in any administration.

The backstory

While it is true that a high turnover at the White House is not that unusual, the high turnover at the Biden White House is, in some ways, unique.

The Post reports:

The departures follow a period of wholesale turnover across the administration, with more than a dozen top aides leaving the office of Vice President Kamala Harris over the past 12 months, more than 20 African American staffers reportedly departing the White House since late last year in an exodus dubbed “Blaxit,” and press secretary Jen Psaki trading in the briefing room for the MSNBC studio.

What’s more, is that, as this has been happening, there have been all kinds of reports about behind-the-scenes dysfunction in the White House.

Just in recent days, for example, both CNN and MSNBC put out reports detailing this dysfunction. Previous reports have also detailed the dysfunction, particularly in Harris’s office.

It is not outside the realm of possibility that it is this behind-the-scenes drama that is causing the high turnover rate. But, admittedly, this is just speculation.

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