Three terrorists killed in failed raid against Chinese consulate in Pakistan

An attack against the Chinese consulate in Pakistan came at a high price for both sides.

During the attack, three of the suspected terrorist attackers were killed.

Sadly, four individuals associated with the consulate were also killed.

The Attack

The assault on the consulate is believed to have been carried out by the BLA.

The BLA, or Baloch Liberation Army, is a terrorist group in Pakistan.

Shots were fired around 9:15 a.m local time in Karachi.

The attack reportedly lasted about 30-45 minutes.

After the attack took place, BLA released a statement saying, “…we will not tolerate any Chinese military expansionist endeavors on Baloch soil.”

During the attack, three assaulters were killed.

Of the four people killed at the consulate, two of them are believed to have been security officials.

There is no word as to the other two individuals, but a statement has been released that no Chinese nationals were killed during the attack.

Ramping Up Security

Immediately after the attack occurred, security at other consulates was ramped up.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was outraged over the attack.

Khan stated it was “part of conspiracy against Pakistan and China’s economic and strategic cooperation.”

He also stated, however, that attacks such as this will not deter the country from moving forward with its relationship with China.

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Chinese leadership was also upset over the attack and expressed its condolences over the loss of life.

Geng Shuang, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, stated, “China strongly condemns any terrorist attacks targeting diplomats and send its condolences to the deceased guards and their families.”

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