Three more staffers to leave Biden administration in a week: report

A report by NBC News alleges that three more President Joe Biden staffers will leave the White House within a week’s time, part of a massive exodus that they blamed on Biden’s persistently low poll numbers.

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced that assistant press secretary Vedant Patel was leaving for a position in the State Department.

Then on Thursday, Jean-Pierre announced that rapid response director Mike Gwin had left for the Treasury Department, and press office chief of staff Amanda Finney would be going to the Energy Department.

The departures follow reports of stress and frustration in the Biden White House, particularly around messaging and communication.

Communication problems

Biden recently expressed frustration that staffers frequently contradicted or walked back comments he made, which he said made him look indecisive and weak.

Some of the comments included saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin couldn’t stay in power and that the US would respond militarily if China attacked Taiwan.

Staffers clarified or outright contradicted his statements in both cases.

In total, more than a dozen staffers have left Vice President Kamala Harris’s office, and more than 20 black staffers have left Biden’s.

More departures

Chief of staff Ron Klain is expected to depart after the midterms, the report also suggested.

Of course, officials are reportedly saying that staff shakeups are “normal” during an administration. But what about poll numbers in the 30s?

There’s only so long staffers and officials are going to put up with that kind of dismal showing before they decide to jump off the sinking ship.

Most are landing in other parts of government where they can marinate in their mediocrity until they are ready to retire. As for Biden, there is some speculation that he will not run in 2024, or that he will be challenged in the primary after his lackluster performance so far in his first term.

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