‘We need your help’: Thousands of migrants call on Biden admin amid ongoing caravan

Although the Biden administration has sought to dismiss or downplay the southern border crisis, new reports indicate thousands of individuals are taking part in a migrant caravan currently traveling northward through Mexico.

According to Fox News, members of the caravan are said to be calling on Biden by name as their motivation for embarking on the dangerous journey.

“Tell Biden we are coming”

Among the pleas that migrants have made to media outlets covering the development are to inform the U.S. president that “we are coming” and “we need your help” to gain entry into America.

Videos posted to social media by Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins revealed a slow march northward on Monday about 20 miles north of the city of Tapachula on the border of Mexico and Guatemala.

The bulk of the caravan consists of Central and South American nationals with some Haitians and migrants from elsewhere around the world intermingled within the crowd.

Tens of thousands currently in northern Mexico

As Jenkins noted, this caravan appears to be more well organized than previous journeys, though it is unclear whether specific groups or individuals were involved in that organization. Migrants are reportedly using a special QR code as a way to register for participation.

Meanwhile, an even larger group of as many as 60,000 migrants is already said to be in northern Mexico preparing to move to and through the U.S. border ahead of the planned implementation of a stricter border enforcement policy first authorized under the Trump administration.

The so-called Remain in Mexico policy requires migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. to wait south of the border while their claims are adjudicated.

Although that policy had been canceled by the Biden administration, a federal court ruled that the cancelation was not done in accordance with federal law and ordered it to be reinstated for the time being. Biden has indicated that his administration plans to restore the policy at some point next month, meaning the tens of thousands of migrants currently in Mexico are motivated to gain entry into America before that time.

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