Justice Clarence Thomas talks about the role his Christian faith plays in his life

In all likelihood, the speech given by Justice Clarence Thomas at Christendom College sent liberals into a tizzy.

While giving the commencement speech, Justice Thomas talked openly about the importance his faith plays in his life.


Something many may not know about Justice Thomas is that he spent time at seminary during his early years.

While once destined to become a member of the clergy, Thomas suddenly separated himself from the church.

During the 1960s, Thomas was not happy with the church’s lack of effort to help black Americans.

While attending Holy Cross, he found the school administration often at odds with the black student union.

That animosity would carry over into a significant portion of his adult years.

However, after a more than two-decade absence, Thomas found his way back.

Now, he says he is “unapologetically” catholic.


In the role Thomas plays for our country, he tends to lean on his faith for guidance at times

As we all know, our Justices are often faced with life-altering decisions.

In fact, many of their decisions will shape the future of the country itself.

“It is this faith that has been the guiding beacon during some difficult and seemingly hopeless times – even when I had turned by heart against it and turned my back on it,” Thomas stated.

Thomas seemed almost sad that he had lost his faith for those two decades.

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He encouraged the current class of graduates from the catholic university not to follow that part of his life and to cling to their faith as they go out into the world.

There is only one thing to say… Amen.

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