Justice Clarence Thomas releases heartfelt message about the importance of faith in God

Anyone who has followed the career of Justice Clarence Thomas knows he is deeply rooted in his faith.

And as Christians get ready to celebrate the birth of Christ, Justice Thomas sent out a message to describe just how important he believes faith is for everyone today.

Take a look:

Finding Strength

For many people — including Justice Thomas — our faith is where we draw our strength, especially during the direst of situations.

Thomas should know, as he came under a slew of attacks from liberals during his own confirmation hearings years ago.

When in doubt, he (and most Christians) look inside and take guidance from faith.

In today’s political environment, little else can provide the solace we all need simply to get through the day.

An Exceptional Man

As a black man and a conservative, Thomas has faced hurdles few of us can understand.

While liberals preach tolerance, we all know that is just a façade.

When a man like Thomas expresses his beliefs, he is considered a traitor not only to liberals but to minorities as well.

But despite this, Justice Thomas has never been shy about the fact he leans on his faith all the time when making decisions on the bench.

He has also been very open about the fact he holds himself accountable to not only the American people but also to God.

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Thomas’ message is one that every American should hear, especially during this time of year.

Perhaps then, there might be just a little civility extended across party lines.

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