‘This is good news’: Fauci optimistic about COVID-19 vaccine progress

Even as many states re-enact shutdowns to limit the spread of the coronavirus, infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci confessed Tuesday that a vaccine could be on the horizon, the Daily Wire reported.

Beginning on July 27, the potential breakthrough will be tested on 30,000 following a successful trial conducted by the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc. on 45 adult subjects, according to the Daily Wire.

“An essential building block”

Fauci made his remarks this week as experts who have been working on the vaccine announced their promising results.

“This is an essential building block that is needed to move forward with the trials that could actually determine whether he vaccine does protect against infection,” Dr. Lisa Jackson, who the Daily Wire described as the “leader of the study,” said, according to the outlet.

The next phase of testing will monitor the effectiveness of the possible vaccine across a much wider spectrum of patients.

Among the side effects noted so far in the study are those common to many vaccines, though more widespread than typically seen in the seasonal influenza vaccine.

“We need multiple vaccines”

In any case, Fauci described the news as a much-needed bright spot in the ongoing battle against COVID-19.

“This is a race for one winner,” he said Tuesday, according to the Daily Wire. “Me, I’m cheering every one of them on. We need multiple vaccines. We need vaccines for the world, not only for our own country.”

While there is plenty of hard work remaining, Fauci said that no matter “how you slice it, this is good news.”

“Record-breaking time”

The development was announced as states including California implement new restrictions and business shutdowns amid a spike in confirmed cases across much of the country, as The Guardian reports.

A number of public officials have expressed optimism regarding the development of an effective vaccine in the near term, including President Donald Trump. According to the Boston Herald, Trump said on Tuesday that the U.S. “will deliver a vaccine in record-breaking time” and is “doing very well on the vaccines.”

With Fauci and Trump in apparent agreement on the potential of a major breakthrough in the battle against COVID-19, it appears there is reason for Americans to breathe a cautious sigh of relief.

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