'This is an attempt to fix the election for Biden'

September 4, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A recognized expert in civil liberties, Harvey Silverglate, who, among other accomplishments, co-founded the prominent Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, has issued a warning to the nation about the fallout from the war Joe Biden and Democrats are waging against President Donald Trump.

Those leftists, of course, have orchestrated, so far, four criminal cases against Trump. They have turned misdemeanor business record-keeping offenses into felonies. They have determined the First Amendment didn't protect Trump's comments about the 2020 election. They have said he turned criminal by keeping documents from his presidency, even though Mike Pence and Joe Biden, in their posts as vice president, are facing no charges for doing the same thing. And they are making telephone calls and holding meetings illegal in their "conspiracy" case in Georgia.

These events all follow the conspiracy theory created by Hillary Clinton and others in the 2016 election that falsely claimed Trump's campaign links to Russia. Then there were the multiple attempts by Nancy Pelosi to impeach Trump and remove him from office, based on no evidence.

Silverglate confirms he is no Trump fan.

But on his organization's website, there are statements warning of what is happening in America.

That report explains, "If the First Amendment did not sometimes defend those deemed offensive, what would the point be? I mean, what chance would rogues, rebels, and repugnant types stand if their kind were easily run out of town ... or disbarred, or civilly sued, or criminally prosecuted? The First Amendment is, after all, there to offer some measure of protection to scoundrels, rascals, scamps, miscreants, troublemakers, comedians, and even deceivers — up to a point, at least. And such folks need good lawyers to ensure that whatever free speech rights they might enjoy are not abridged."

The report noted Silverglate now is working in defense of John Eastman, a lawyer who has represented Trump.

And, the report said, "Eastman's affiliation with former President Trump and his service to him has put both Eastman's liberty and bar license in peril."

It's because Georgia is targeting him with a criminal prosecution over his representation, and California is targeting him with a bar complaint.

Silverglate said, of the Biden-run DOJ, "I am appalled that the Department of Justice — under a Democratic administration — appalled that they have done this to the leading Republican candidate for the presidency prior to the Republican National Convention. There is a statute of limitations that is quite lengthy and they could have waited. Common decency, common sense, and propriety would have had them wait until after the nomination because if Trump got the nomination, then they should wait until after the election."

He continued, "I consider that what the Department of Justice is doing here to be candidate suppression. That's not their job. So the timing is appallingly bad judgment and I believe done in bad faith to keep him from being the Republican nominee for president.

"They realize Biden is a very weak candidate. If Biden had any common sense, he would have just said he was not running for a second term. That would have opened up the field to some excellent Democratic — younger Democratic candidates. So on top of everything else, this is an attempt to kind of fix the election for Biden. It is appalling in every single way."

He also warned defense lawyers, saying, "Lawyers everywhere should be sleepless over this latest stunt to criminalize their advocacy. This is a legal cluster bomb that leaves unexploded ordinances for lawyers to navigate in perpetuity."

Further, he said the Trump attackers are trying to prosecute based on political speech.

"The indictment in Georgia vs. Donald Trump and 18 others sets out the activity that is political, but not criminal. It goes hand-in-glove with the recent effort to criminalize lawful political speech and legal advice, in stark violation of constitutional rights to Freedom of Speech, the Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances, and the Right to Counsel."

And the California war against Trump?

"The California Bar’s decision to seek disciplinary action against an attorney in a case as hotly disputed and nuanced as this one is, both legally and factually, is equally troubling, and should be to all attorneys who recognize the importance of our adversarial system of justice."

The media, he charged, is not without fault.

"The press has a thing about everything Trump and everything is slanted and I am appalled. You know, I was a journalist before I was a lawyer, and I still write columns for newspapers, including major national papers and local papers. And I am appalled at the quality of reporting on everything related to Trump. Ten years from now, the news media is going to do a gigantic mea culpa. And mind you, I am no Trump supporter…"

Meanwhile, in the Hill, Eastman said in an interview that he and his co-defendants in the Georgia conspiracy case did "nothing wrong."

"We were challenging the election for what even Vice President [Mike] Pence described as serious allegations of fraud and numerous instances of officials violating state law. And if we can’t speak out about that, then our freedom of speech, our right to petition the government for redress of grievances are gone."

A leftist Georgia prosecutor has created a case including 41 charges that Trump and 18 others allegedly conspired in a criminal enterprise when they had doubts about the election, and raised them while seeking answers. Their offenses included making phone calls and holding meetings.

Further, he confirmed that at that time, he had "lots of evidence of fraud" in the election.

Legacy media immediately added its opinion that "there is no evidence of far-reaching election fraud in the 2020 election."

However, what is known is that the election was under undue influence from the $400 million plus that Mark Zuckerberg handed out to election officials who often used it to recruit voters from Democrat districts.

Further, the FBI interfered with its instructions to media organizations to suppress accurate reporting about the Biden family scandals documented in a laptop computer abandoned by Hunter Biden at a repair shop.

The FBI knew at the time the reporting was accurate, and the laptop was legitimate, but nevertheless falsely characterized it as Russian disinformation while insisting that the story be suppressed.

A subsequent poll showed that the scheme likely cost Trump the election.

Eastman, meanwhile, echoed Silverglate's concerns in that the indictment amounts to a campaign to "stifle" people from receiving legal representation when raising challenges to elections.

"They’ve made that very clear that that’s what they’re up to, and we can’t allow it to happen,” Eastman said.

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