Third female ex-Trump aide testifies at trial, says he was good to work for

By Jen Krausz on
 May 10, 2024

A third female ex-Trump aide gave a glowing testimony in court on Thursday of what it was like to work for him amid questioning from the prosecution about whether he was detail-oriented, among other details. 

Madeleine Westerhout said former President Donald Trump was a "really good boss," was "hardworking," and was very concerned about what wife Melania thought about pretty much everything.

Prosecutors were trying to show that Trump would have known about the payments made by Michael Cohen on his behalf in an attempt to keep accusations about two affairs or trysts quiet.

DA Alvin Bragg (D) alleges that the payments were for the purpose of influencing the 2016 election, which would be illegal.

Convoluted and political

Trump denies any knowledge of the payments, but part of his defense is that he would have been more concerned about Melania finding out than voters.

The prosecution is convoluted and political--Bragg campaigned on charging Trump with something.

Whether or not he will be able to make it stick is another story.

“I thought it was real important to share with the American people the man that I got to know,” Westerhout testified through tears. “I don’t think he’s treated fairly, and I wanted to tell that story.”

Is it working?

Westerhout is the third female ex-aide to testify positively about Trump. Hope Hicks said she enjoyed working with Trump and that he was a “very good multitasker and a very hard worker.”

Rhona Graff, a longtime employee, was asked if she thought he respected her.

“I don’t think I would have been there 34 years if he didn’t," she responded.

Trump is one of the most hated people in America. Surely the prosecution could do better than parade three uncooperative witnesses in front of jurors who had nothing negative to say.

Just about the only unsympathetic female they've been able to find is Stormy Daniels, a porn actress who says she slept with Trump in 2006, while Melania was pregnant with her and Trump's son Barron.

He denies the tryst happened, and there was no real reason for her to testify since the case isn't about whether the tryst even happened, but that the payments did.

The prosecution is expected to have two more weeks of witnesses, including Michael Cohen, who is expected to testify on Monday.

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