'They Shot People in the Face': See Moment When Cops Start Firing at Jan. 6 Protesters

May 17, 2023
World Net Daily

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The crowd already was rowdy on that fateful Jan. 6, 2021, when hundreds were at the U.S. Capitol to protest what they viewed as a purloined American presidential election.

But the police lines largely were holding protesters in a group, on the sidewalk, with some minor skirmishes.

But then the shooting started. By the police, since they were the only ones armed.

And that's when, according to a lawyer representing Jan. 6 defendants, it all went bad.

It is the Gateway Pundit that has posted a long series of videos showing the change from protesters angry and upset to unarmed protesters being shot and injured by police.

This is one such video, with multiple others on the Gateway Pundit page (Be aware of offensive language throughout):

The report explained "everything changed" that day when police "started shooting people in the face and throwing flash grenades at the unarmed crowd. … The government opened fire escalating the protest. Only one side was armed using deadly: The police. The crowd became livid as they watched cops shooting deadly rubber bullets, tear gas at civilians, and flash bangs or 'sting balls' at their heads."

The report said the confirmation of "unjustified use of deadly force" reveals "the precise time the typical protest escalated into 'the most investigated demonstration in FBI history.'"

That's according to defense attorney Steven Metcalf, who told the Gateway Pundit, "This is crucial — this is crucial — because this is where what everybody is saying" about J6 being a set-up and a fedsurrection "actually matters. But nobody is pinpointing the precise time."

"Everyone is saying, 'There are FBI agents in the crowd,' 'There are CHSs in the crowd.' There’s blah blah blah — I’ll tell you exactly where s*** went crazy."

He charged, "It went crazy at that precise time when the protesters all standing in the west side terrace and then shots start going off and people are getting hit in the faces… There were a couple of agitators in the crowd don’t get me wrong, but what took it to a whole different level is people being shot in the face with rubber bullets. That’s where people who were angry got even angrier and rightfully so."

The report explained Metcalf represents several J6 defendants including Dominic Pezzola, the only Proud Boy acquitted of seditious conspiracy charges.

He's gone through hours of footage.

Police were positioned in a "riot line," backed up by more officers with a protocol of removing "agitators" from the crowd.

But they weren't working on that. Instead, they positioned themselves on a terrace above the crowd "to shoot protesters," the lawyer said.

"They started off with one shooter and then they got a second shooter," he charged.

Metcalf described the crowd as "moderately calm" before the shooting started.

The report explained, "There were a couple of people pushing the line but ultimately they weren't doing anything crazy and they ultimately stopped their behavior and everything was somewhat chill at one point."

Then a signal is given and "shots start going off into people's faces. And then were are five or six people that get shot."

The crowd was "just standing there" when a video recorded that someone was telling the shooters "who to hit," the report said.

"Hit the guy in the red shirt. Hit the guy in the green hat. Hit the guy in the brown jacket."

The videos include one showing J6 defendant Ryan Samsel trying to render aid to Joshua Black "as blood drips from his face into a puddle on the ground."

The crowd, "stunned and outraged" then confronts officers, and then "flash grenades erupt."

Metcalf told the Gateway Pundit that multiple people were shot by police.

"That is not proper protocol. You cannot do headshots with a rubber bullet like that from that vicinity," Metcalf said. "The firearm officers used to shoot the rubber bullets had a warning label. We read the warning label to the jury which stated in sum and substance, 'Do not shoot in the head or face because it can cause serious physical injury and or death.'"

He said, "So, now you have deadly force against nondeadly force and then everything was pumped up from there. That’s how we got to people going in the building."

There long has been evidence that some of the agitators in the crowd of protesters that day were in the employ of the federal government, as informers or more.

Metcalf said this was the moment that "set everyone off! Then Dominic [Pezzolla] gets the shield, people were getting shot right by him. Dominic is standing next to Joshua Black in the video… the guy standing next to Dominic is getting shot — this s*** was going on!"

The lawyer continued, "Everybody is almost there, but they don’t have it right. If you want to talk about a setup, you have to talk about how they figured out a way to agitate the crowd. That’s what it comes down to. Focus on the people who were there and what they were doing at that time. Police could have controlled that situation based on their training and experience, and any reasonable experience from any of these guys, they could have handled this way differently and they didn’t. They shot people in the face."

Ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set up a partisan committee – including only harsh critics of President Trump – to "investigate" the Jan. 6 events, but its members focused almost solely on issues they thought they could attribute to Trump's actions – and his instructions to supporters to demonstrate "peacefully" that day.

In fact, the committee deliberately withheld massive amounts of surveillance footage from the public, video that still hasn't fully been made available to Americans.

The Gateway Pundit has posted online a long list of videos.

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