Devastated hosts of ‘The View’ talk about their friend Michael Avenatti’s arrest

The over-the-top liberal co-hosts of the ABC daytime talk show The View found themselves in a very difficult position after the arrest of Michael Avenatti.

During a recent episode, the entire panel was clearly broken, yet they all suddenly now believe in due process after denouncing the practice during the confirmation hearings for now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Take a look:


Every time a Republican has come under fire over the last couple of years, every liberal on The View’s panel wanted to hang them from the highest yardarm.

Without a shred of evidence, Whoopi Goldberg and company have claimed that Trump is racist and homophobic, and during the Kavanaugh hearings, we constantly heard them requesting that the then-nominee remove himself from consideration.

Before Kavanaugh ever had a chance to defend himself, every one of them pegged him as a criminal.

After the investigation, it did not get much better.

They threw around more rhetoric to discard the verdict they did not want to hear.

And Now…

Meanwhile, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has been a guest on this show many times, mostly because he is going after President Trump every chance he gets.

Now, though, Avenatti is facing domestic abuse charges.

These charges are not some uncorroborated accusation, either, as police say a woman came to them with visible bruising and marks, clearly the victim of an assault.

For his part, Avenatti has claimed he has never beaten a woman and never will.

Even with this evidence, though, Whoopi and friends want to let the process play out before passing judgement.

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On that, we agree: let’s see where the evidence takes us before we hang the man.

We only wish they had that same approach when it came to Kavanaugh and several other Republicans they deemed guilty without a shred of evidence.

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