'The View' co-host Joy Behar shocked over Hillary Clinton joke on show

 December 10, 2023

"The View" co-host Joy Behar was left speechless by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's comments about Hillary Clinton.

The remarks from the puppet called Behar for wanting to "sniff" the former Secretary of State's chair.

The comments

"Behar pointed out that the last time she saw Triumph was at her birthday party last year, asking the furry puppet, 'Did you have a good time?'” according to Decider.

Triumph replied, “Oh, that was tremendous. I was at Joy Behar’s 80th birthday party. I performed. Oh, what a night it was. It was open bar and open casket. Joy, you and I both got so drunk we were fighting over who got to sniff Hillary Clinton‘s chair."

Another slam

“Why do you keep saying my age?” Behar asked, looking slightly miffed.

“Joy, you realize you’re 81, you’re old enough to run for president… and to watch The View!” Triumph quipped. “You’re right in the demographic of The View now!”

Roasting "The View"

"I love The View. It’s inspiring, it’s empowering. It’s a place – women feel safe here, except from other women," Triumph later stated.

Triumph appeared to be referencing Meghan McCain, who claimed it was a toxic workplace after she left in 2021. Triumph wasn’t done with Behar quite yet," the outlet noted.

Behar has often been critical of conservatives, including attacks against former President Donald Trump, while also supporting Democrats like Hillary Clinton in her role on the television program. She has largely also supported President Joe Biden, despite his many gaffes and concerns over his age and cognitive health.

The words were used against her in the segment voiced by a puppet that refused to hold back in criticizing the host during her own show.

The jokes struck conservatives with delight, calling out some of her past attacks against others in a surprise turn of events targeting the longtime host. The segment left Behar stunned and her co-hosts seeking to redeem the program in a quick recovery after the puppet prankster's damage that quickly turned viral online following the on-air comments.

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