The truth about Doris Day’s final days revealed

Hollywood sweetheart Doris Day passed away in May, but we are finally learning more details about her final days, weeks, and months that tell a disturbing story.

The revelation came through Doris Day’s grandson, Ryan Melcher, who revealed on social media that Day’s manager had banned him from seeing his grandmother.

Manipulating a Star

About six decades ago, there may not have been a bigger female star in the world than Doris Day. Considering her legacy, it would stand to reason she lived her post-Hollywood life in relative comfort, but that was not the case. Over the years, her fortune was squandered by both family and friends.

Additionally, she had been manipulated by associates that were supposed to be taking care of her business details. Her husbands, however, probably took the biggest toll her on her.

Al Jordan, Day’s first husband, reportedly beat her.

Her second marriage ended because her husband, George Weidler, who was a musician, did not want to share the spotlight with his famous wife.

Her third husband, Marty Melcher, managed to secretly burn through Day’s $20 million fortune. Day only found out about the financial damage after he died in 1969.

The last marriage for Day was to Barry Comden. He, too, broke up with Day due to jealousy, but it was of her dogs, not the limelight, that caused the rift.

Last Days in Solitude

After her fourth marriage ended, Day reportedly spent most of her days in solitude with her beloved dogs.

Her grandson, Ryan Melcher, eventually connected with Day, but that did not last long. Why the two lost contact is open for debate. Melcher claims Day’s manager, Bob Bashara, banned him from talking to Day.

Bashara, however, says the disconnect came at the request of Day herself. Some of her friends disagree, however, stating she had been so excited about reconnecting with the grandson that to just cut him off like that made no sense.

It is a tragic and sad ending to one of the most iconic stars of our time.

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