‘The Root’ attacks Melania Trump for being a ‘white’ mother

The liberal media has long been hyperfocused on attacking President Trump, but occasionally, they decide to change it up and go after other members of his family.

Case in point, The Root,” a liberal website specializing in “black news,” is attacking first lady Melania Trump simply for being a good mother.

Advocate for Children

Melania Trump has always been an advocate for children.

During her time as First Lady, she has initiated several campaigns to make children’s lives better, stop bullying, and promote reading and educational programs for children.

On several occasions during this administration, she has personally approached Donald Trump to intervene on behalf of certain groups of children, especially on the border.

Even so, it is not enough for “The Root.”

Just Blatantly False Narrative

The writer of the article on “The Root,” Anne Branigin, accuses Melania Trump, and Americans in general, of valuing white children more than minority children.

According to the author, we only care when white children are in trouble, not children of color, which could not be a more false and inflammatory statement.

The writer uses other social media posts pointing to pictures taken when Barron was a baby as proof of how differently we value our children, especially migrant children…

This is completely unfair because Melania Trump had nothing to do with our government at the time of that photo. People seem to want to hold everyone but those actually responsible for this problem accountable.

Melania Trump is not holding up border security legislation, refusing to negotiate with Donald Trump, and encouraging immigrant parents to endanger their children by attempting illegal border crossings.

The Democrats are. If ‘The Root’ wants to place the blame with anyone, they need to look at their own heroes.

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