The mother of Hunter Biden’s three-year-old just testified before the federal grand jury Biden is facing

The Daily Mail reported that Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s three-year-old daughter, has testified before a federal grand jury in relation to an ongoing investigation into Biden’s financial affairs. 

The details of that testimony have not been revealed. But, this could be bad news for the president’s son since, based on what we know about Roberts, she’s likely to know a thing or two about what Biden was up to.

Who is Roberts?

Roberts has been in the news in recent years in relation to the legal dispute that she had with Biden regarding the couple’s three-year-old daughter. This dispute began with Biden’s claim that he was not the girl’s father.

It turns out, however, that Biden is the girl’s father. The court, in fact, found using DNA testing that, with “near scientific certainty,” Biden is the “biological and legal father” of the girl.

Now, Biden is being forced to pay child support, something that he tried to get out of by claiming that he can’t financially afford to do so, which, if you know anything about Biden, was an absurd statement to make.

Something that is less publicly known about the 30-year-old Roberts, however, is that she actually spent over a year working at Rosemont Senaca, Biden’s investment firm. What exactly she did there is unclear.

But, chances are that, along the way, she picked up a thing or two about Biden’s financial affairs.


The federal indictment that Biden is facing has been going on for three years now.

A number of reports in recent years have raised eyebrows about Biden’s international financial dealings. Some of the most recent discoveries show that Biden’s equity firm had ties to companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

The truth of the matter, though, is that we don’t really know the specifics of Biden’s federal indicement. Some outlets are reporting that the investigation has to do with whether Biden paid taxes on all of his income, while others are reporting that it has to do with Biden’s business dealings in China.

Whatever the case may be, Roberts was subpoenaed to testify before the federal grand jury, and that’s what she did on Wednesday. The testimony, according to reports, lasted for several hours.

Afterward, Roberts chose not to provide a comment on the matter to reporters.

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